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The Meaning Behind Our Logo
Taro Story - Leaf-01.png
Taro Leaf

In ancient Hawaiian culture it is believed that where the stem meets the leaf is the "piko" (belly button).  It represents how we were once connected to our mothers inside the womb with the umbilical cord. Being in the birthing world I felt like this was an important statement to share. It represents the one thing we all share as humanity, the time we spent inside our mothers womb connected with her as one. 

Stem Tribal Design 1

This tribal design represents the Samoan culture. My husband and children are Samoan and I just recently discovered that I too am Samoan. In the past the Tongan and Samoan people have known to be against each other at one point. Incorporating this into my logo was important because it shares the unity and love that we have for each other. Although the tribal designs look very similar, they represent different parts of Oceania.


In the Samoan culture this tribal print is a translation of: Spear heads, symbolizing the warrior spirit of having courage.

Taro Story - Stem 1.png
Stem Tribal Design

This tribal design represents the Hawaiian culture. My husband and children are Native Hawaiian. I wanted this to be represented in my logo because they mean the world to me and although the 3 cultures are different we also have similarities. This is a representation of UNITY between different cultures. Something I hold very dear to my heart. In the Hawaiian culture these tribal markings is a translation of : Shark teeth 

It symbolizes the Shark, much looked at as a ferocious being but also as power, and guidance through difficult circumstances.

Stem Tribal Design

This tribal design represents the Tongan culture. Tongan blood runs deep within my veins. It was, for a very long time an identity of who I was and what I represent. I am very proud to be Tongan and to represent and incorporate this into my logo was a MUST. This will represent my children and I want them to be able to see the love and thought put into this design not only for their generation but for many generations to come.

In the Tongan culture this tribal print is a translation of : Manulua; it is two birds or two pairs of bird wings. It symbolizes the deeper meaning of bringing two groups or two families together to form a union.

Heart Flesh

The heart here represents the Taro or Kalo. It is what is grown underneath the dirt when the mother plant has matured. The heart represents the Core, bringing the different cultures as seen above in the stems, together. All rooting from the same core. My vision for the heart shaped Taro was to show how, the more the heart grows (love), the more the stems, leaves and overall plant will grow.

In ancient Hawaiian history it is called 'oha. "This 'oha, when removed from the mother plant, was then placed and another mother plant started its life cycle. The meaning 'ohana, family, comes from the word 'oha and describes human families as kalo plants with offspring."

Root System

The roots here, show everything that it represents above. When we stay rooted in love everything will fall into place. My vision for the roots was to represent not only staying rooted in love, but also staying rooted in our culture. Being a Pasifika woman growing up in America, I always felt like there was a disconnect between me and who I really was. I didn't know much about my culture other than what I was taught and observed over the years. I didn't speak the language fluently and somewhat always felt like a "Plastic Polynesian." When I became a mother the desire to know my culture grew and grew because I wanted my
children to also know who they were and where their ancestors come from. No matter where they go or choose to do in life I want them, and everyone really, to know that their roots will always be in their blood and no one, not even me, can take that away.

I feel it is our duty to keep our cultures alive. It is our duty to seek out the knowledge from our elders. There is still so much to be absorbed from ancient teachings within our cultures. Whether that be passed down from older generations through storytelling, books, translations from ancient scribes or wisdom passed down to you from your elders or parents. Whenever we feel lost, alone or even on cloud nine. I and we, can always remember that we are here because of those who came before us and remembering them on our various journeys, they will always be with us at our side.

REMEMBER, to grow ANYTHING, it all starts from the roots.

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