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Birth Stories

Meet Cara-Anne & Nathan Navares 

They are parents to 4 beautiful children. Below is their home birth they experienced with their 4th baby. The previous births before this one was all hospital births. Cara wanted to have a different experience and knew that there had to be something more and prepared for this birth using HypnoBirthing. With her and her family's permission here is their HypnoBirthing story........


Meet some of the amazing parents I have had the honor of working with and their stories.....


"Aloha! My name is Erica Villejo. My husband, Mark, and I have two little ones. A two-year-old daughter and a 4-month-old baby boy. When we found out we were pregnant with both, Mark and I did our best to learn and prepare ourselves for the arrival of our babies. With our first pregnancy we took a birthing class. The instructors and classes were wonderful. All that we had learned was very helpful. We had a beautiful birthing experience, and our healthy baby girl was with finally us.


Fast forward I was pregnant again with our son. Yes, Mark and I had been through this experience before but we still desired to learn and prepare ourselves once more. A family member shared her experience she had with Melemoti, who is also family to us, and told us that we should meet with her. We were open to it right away. Melemoti has always been so wonderful to us and has always shared so much wisdom with us previously. So, we could not wait to learn all that she had to share. We first just want to share how flexible she was with us.

Having a toddler isn’t always easy to arrange meet ups. So, we thank her for that. She also sacrificed time from her family to be 100% present with us. Also sacrificing her finances for us. She gave us wonderful books, gifts and food. It really showed how Melemoti is serious and passionate about her calling.


Taking her classes was such an eye opener. I shared earlier we took a birthing class but looking back I felt like we had just hit the surface of what birthing is. It was like a whole another world we were entering. All that we had learned again was very useful. Both pregnancies were both medical and now with the knowledge we had gained, we knew what we wanted and what was right for us. Melemoti did not just prepare us, but she was there every step of the way. We still kept in contact after our classes were done. She’d helped us with our breathing exercises. She helped with our birthing plan. She checked in with us when it was time to go to the hospital. She also checked in when we had returned home with our beautiful baby boy. Her husband, our cousin, and her came over to bring us dinner. We can’t thank her enough.


We would highly recommend anyone to learn and meet up with Melemoti. Go in with an open heart and mind. Don’t let others who have no clue what Hypnobirthing is share their thoughts and put you down for wanting to learn about it. I wish we had more women, supporters and birthing centers in our state and country to support this. But what we do have is women like Melemoti who really care for women, families and these little beautiful souls. Birthing should be wonderful and not a traumatic experience. Thankfully because of Melemoti we had another wonderful birthing experience and healthy baby with us.  

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My husband and I were so incredibly busy with moving, work and life but at 35 weeks we decided to make a conscious decision to finally pause and try to set ourselves up for success with a birthing class. Upon contacting Moti, we had little knowledge on what HypnoBirthing encompassed. Little did we know, this class would be life changing! 


Signing up and scheduling was a breeze! Moti is very communicative and always so thorough. We were given options and chose what worked best for our crazy, busy schedules. For us, the convenience of having it held virtually was really great! We were able to be in the comfort of our own home while we learned, and it took little effort to get our many snacks, drinks and blankets ready so we could focus on the rich content. It was truly amazing that as each class unfolded we saw just how much it was aligning with our current transition to being more grateful, trusting in our bodies natural abilities, pausing and being present/ in the moment and learning how to be better, supportive partners through teamwork. Each class flew by! The content was so relevant, and intriguing. We especially enjoyed the relaxing meditations, coming out of it feeling so refreshed! That’s definitely such a positive especially since I was so fatigued from being pregnant.


Our baby decided to arrive earlier than expected so we were only able to complete 3 of the 5 classes. Despite that, what we did learn helped us tremendously, especially with navigating the pressures and influences of a hospital-setting birth— there are sadly so many! The class helped my husband know exactly how to advocate for me so I could focus on remaining calm and at peace. Because of the uncertainty of your baby’s arrival, I really recommend starting the course as soon as you can— it will only make you better prepared and allow you to practice all the important teachings for a longer period of time! Additionally, during the class, after learning just how beautiful childbirth can be, I felt so empowered that I wanted to change to a home birth! But being 38 weeks, it was nearly impossible to find a midwife to take me. Believe me, I called Moti to tell her that’s really what I wanted after our 3rd class and we both spent so much time trying to find someone last minute. Moti is so incredibly selfless and thoughtful, offering her help and guidance whenever you need. We really have developed such a connection and bond.


I recommend Moti’s HypnoBirthing class to any pregnant mom friends I have! It was definitely such a blessing to have been able to learn as much as we could. If you want an empowered birth and an incredibly supportive partner in the delivery room, this is the class for you!

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