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What are your fees?

Empowered Birthing Mindset is the only program I am offering right now. You can pay in full for $595 or you can opt in for the payment plan of $175 a month for 4 months. Check Plans and Pricing for more info.

What is Coaching?

I facilitate the space needed for you to have your own growth and transformation in your life. I teach you different tools you can use to reach your goals and get through setbacks you may experience. In Empowered Birth Coaching I do this through guiding you to your own Birthing Vision and helping you find your voice.

Can I book a Session?

As of right now I am not taking any sessions besides what is offered with the Empowered Birthing Mindset. 

If you submit to my emailing list you can be one of the firsts to know when I do open enrollment for 1:1 Coaching and sessions. 

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You can submit any questions you may have below on our intake form or even if you would like to request more information!

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