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EVD Birthing Program

For Women who want to take back their Power in their Birthing Experience

For more calm, positivity, peace, ease and empowerment during their labor and birth.

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Have you ever felt like...

  • You have no idea what to expect in labor and delivery because you are a first time mom?

  • Has had a traumatic birth before and want to prevent that from happening again at all costs?

  • You are "supposed" to know what to do when the time comes for birth but how can you? When you have never done it before?

  • You feel like all you ever hear about is birthing horror stories from everyone so you don't know if a calm and peaceful birth is possible because you've never heard one before?

  • You feel and know that the birthing vision you see for yourself is possible but you just don't know where to start? 

  • You want to achieve the best birthing experience for yourself but you feel like you don't have the support at home or around you?

  • Not being heard or seen from your medical professional and don't know how you can really speak up for yourself and your baby? 



If you answered YES to any of these questions, then my dear, it is time we get you feeling prepared, relaxed and empowered for this huge milestone in your life!


  • In-tune, relaxed, better prepared, better equipped, bliss, powerful, connected and most importantly Empowered!

It is amazing what a few simple tools, skills and powerful community can do in just a short period of time.


  • Imagine coming out of this program feeling more prepared for your labor and birth than anyone has ever cared about sharing or teaching you.

  • Imagine feeling so in-tune with yourself, your body and your baby that you know no matter what decisions or choices you make, you are making them with mindfulness and not out of fear.

  • Imagine addressing any given situation in your labor and birth from a state of peace, calm and acceptance knowing that everything is happening the way it is meant to and the way it always needed to happen.

  • Imagine meeting other women with similar or different stories like yours and gaining an entire sisterhood of Women/Mothers Empowered.


  • Imagine the feeling of creating a Birthing Experience of YOUR desire and no one else's. 

This is your birthing experience, and you deserve the chance to birth the way you desire.

You only get to birth your baby ONCE, how do you want that experience to be?

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My Story

I had my first baby at 19yrs old. Going through my pregnancy with little to no knowledge I felt as if I was just on auto-pilot and going through the motions. I didn't really understand what was going on with my body I just knew I was pregnant.

Whenever going to my appointments I felt as if I had to do whatever it was the nurses or my Doctor would tell me I needed to even if I felt uncomfortable. When the day came when I went into labor, boy was I totally unprepared. I was thinking to myself. NO ONE TOLD ME IT WAS GOING TO BE LIKE THIS! Oh! THE PAIN I was in.

It was as if I was "supposed" to know how to do this just because I was a woman? Like I was automatically born with the knowledge or "how to" list of binging a whole ass child into this world. And no one ever really spoke with me about what to expect, what to do, etc because it felt like it was almost shameful to talk about what labor and delivery would be like.

So there I was, in the hospital in pain. I didn't want to get the epidural because it felt like there was shame around that too because I was a woman and I am "supposed" to be strong enough to endure labor and delivery right? And not to mention I swear everyone and their aunty was in the room with me. I didn't want to disappoint them, so I stuck it out. Until I couldn't take it anymore. I got the epidural at 8cm and 4hrs later I had my son.

Now, no one prepared me for the birth of my son and I thought that was bad. My recovery was 2xs as worse!

Scared, shamed, unprepared, these were all the feelings I felt during my pregnancy's and deliveries. And for each one I learned a little more and more because they were all so different. 

It wasn't till my 4th baby I learned to take back my birthing power. With the skills and tools I learned I was able to achieve a calm and positive birth much different from my previous births, which by the way I didn't think was possible. I had actually settled the thought that this was what birthing was going to be like forever and women were just meant to suffer. Well I was totally wrong.

I thought to myself, I wish I had someone teach me everything I knew now when I was 19yrs old. That definitely would have changed the whole pregnancy and birthing game for me. If you can relate to my story then I have such great news for you!


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EVD Birthing Program

A 3-month childbirth education coaching program focused on empowerment for expecting mothers and their birthing partner through Education on your options and choices, getting crystal clear in what your Vision for your birth is and support in your Decision making to align with the birthing vision you have created.

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What's Included

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1:1 Mentoring

6 Sessions total over the 3 month program.
At a time that works for you. 
These calls will give you clarity on what type of birth you actually want, recognizing healthy birthing boundaries and 24/7 access to me within a 24hr response time during business hrs. 

Group Coaching

6 group coaching calls total over the 3 month program.

For teaching, community, connection and support from other likeminded women.

All calls are recorded and available
in the group.

Members only Facebook Group

Access to the Exclusive Facebook group for 3 months to continue to receive and give support from other women. Ask questions, share stories, realizations, wins, connect and really feel safe to be, share and ask anything pertaining to your empowerment journey. 

Birthing Empowerment Tools

Affirmations, journal prompts, breathing techniques, recorded visualizations, dance playlist, fear release and soothing 

All to help support you, your baby, mind, body and soul.

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Empowered Investment


Paid in Full


3 Payments 

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